Friday, January 7, 2011

Reddit Advertising Results: Day 1

Friday was the first of 5 days of a (somewhat experimental) Reddit advertising campaign I setup to promote Swappa. The ad/campaign was focused specifically at Redditors subscribed to the Android sub-Reddit.

Before I get to the stats I must say that I really love the ability of Redditors to comment on your add. I got some very good feedback.

I think my main complaint at this point would be that Reddit requires a minimum spend of $20 per day to show an ad.

Day 1 stats:
  • Spend: $20
  • Impressions: ~ 2000 / 15000 (unique/total)
  • Clicks: ~330 / 500 (unique/total)
  • CPC: $0.18
  • CPM: $0.58
  • Up votes: 31
  • Comments: 20

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