Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reddit Advertising Results: Swappa's First Campaign

Swappa has just completed a 5-day campaign using Reddit's self-serve advertising. The ad/campaign was focused specifically at Redditors subscribed to the Android sub-Reddit. (Swappa is a simple marketplace for buying and selling gently used Android devices.)

A little background on Reddit's advertising: Reddit requires a $20 per day minimum spend to run an ad campaign. Your impressions are determined by your "share" of the total money bid for the day. Learn more about Reddit advertising...

I spent the minimum $20 per day. The ad ran for 5 days, from a Friday through Tuesday. So it got a good mix of weekday and weekend traffic.

Break me off some digits:
  • Total spend: $100
  • Daily spend: $20
  • Start date: Fri Jan 7
  • End date: Tue Jan 11
  • Impressions: ~ 9,872 / 75,503 (unique/total)
  • Clicks: ~ 1,289 / 1,445 (unique/total)
  • Click-through %: 13.06% / 1.91% (unique/total)
  • CPC: ~ $0.07
  • CPM: ~ $0.13
  • Up votes: 85
  • Comments: 51

Overall, I'm pleased with the numbers generated by the ad and the relative CPC and CPM costs.

My favorite part about Reddit ads is the ability for users to leave comments. The Swappa ad got 50+ comments, nearly all positive and several with useful suggestions for improvements.

I will definitely be using Reddit ads again in the near future. Next campaign I think I will try showing ads to all of Reddit (rather than just those interested in the Android sub-Reddit). I would imagine this would result in lower click-through-rates, but there's only one way to find out...

If you've read this far, be sure to check out Swappa, the ultimate used Android device marketplace.


  1. Thank you, I was Googling for reddit's advertising CPC costs, so this is very helpful. Then again, I guess CPC can be different depending on the subreddit you advertise in.

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