Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swappa launches new feature: Wanted (WTB) Listings

Swappa, the ultimate Android device marketplace, has launched a new feature to make it easy to buy and sell gently used Android devices.

Now Swappa users can create Wanted, or Want to Buy (WTB), listings. These simple listings are basically a declaration from a potential buyer that they want to buy a specific device. These come in handy when a the current For Sale listings don't meet the buyer's criteria.

When you create a Wanted (WTB) listing, you will be notified via email of all new qualified For Sale listings created for the life of your WTB listing. It's awesome.

What are the benefits of Wanted (WTB) Listings?

  • Potential sellers with a target device are encouraged to create a listing knowing there are buyers out there for their device
  • Potential buyers that can't find what they are looking for right now get notified when a seller posts a matching listing in the future

All in all, Swappa and Wanted (WTB) listings make it easier to buy and sell gently used, fully functional Android devices.

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